Weight Loss Obstacles
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The 2 Major Obstacles To Weight Control

Research shows us that over 90% of us fail in our attempts to lose weight and keep it off.

Why is this? What are the obstacles to weight control? Can can they be overcome?

Those of us who have tried to lose weight and keep it off know from first-hand experience that it is hard, very hard! The reason it is so hard is because we have two major obstacles in the path to our weight control success.

Firstly, diets and most other weight loss schemes rely on your willpower to achieve results and our willpower is in limited supply. This lack of willpower is not a failure, it is just the way we are.

Secondly, our body remembers its heaviest ever weight and over time it tries to drive you back to that weight. Unless you can stabilise your reduced weight for an extended period of time our body helps us to put the weight all back on again.

These are big challenges to overcome and especially when coupled with diet programs that only serve to make you hungry and slow down your metabolism.

In other words, diet programs work against you.

The other contributor to our lack of success is the daily temptations served up by the food industry. This includes sugar and fat laden processed foods, fast foods and drinks.

The good news is that weight control is possible if we change our thinking with regard to our eating and exercise habits. If we can do this weight control will naturally follow.

The new, effective WLS online coaching program gives you the daily support you need to change your thinking and control your weight.

Weight control needs to begin in the mind and that is what is missing from most weight loss programs.

Change your thinking first so you do not have to rely on willpower to achieve the weight control results you want!

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